FHKC was finally able to get their niece Kylie out for her 1st Kayak adventure. We explored, fished and cooked burgers and dogs. We did a lot of scouting Indian Key with Aunt Kristy . With some casting and walking the dog lessons with Uncle Bri.  By this time, we built a  grill and cooked some burgers and dogs.  We had a wonderful day with Kylie and hope to start enjoying many more . She is HOOKED for sure. Well here’s some pics:

   ” I got it under control Uncle Bri”

   Exploring with Aunt Kristy

   Little tight line time with a 12″ Jack

   Chef Kylie handling the grill

   The FHKC Girls!


With the water temp finally getting to the upper 60’s to low 70’s the topwater bite has been excellent. The reds ,trout and snook have been feeding anytime and any tide. It’s time to book your trip for your inshore adventure.

upper slot red

Skull faced red

Jae’s 29″ upper nature coast snook

My 31.5 snook

Matt’s 29″ red