This young lady spoke up wanting to take a road trip and catch fish and that is exactly what was done. Danniella G made the 2 hr trip north to Dixie county and put the smack down on some sweet redfish 3 total. ¬†We were both using the “Unfair” Rippin Slash which proved to be the ticket . All in all a great memory was created. WTG Yella….


Nice slot red.

lower slot release

some nice winter colors.


The guide gets 1





Mike H rolled in from Nevada wanting to learn how to fish the Nature Coast. The morning started off slow with cool water temps and no sunshine.He still had a good day with 2 slot reds , some rats , 2 nice trout and a 6″ flounder.




Matt R and Tom D are down for the holidays enjoying the weather and the fishing

Matt R with a beautifully colored “Nature Coast” redfish.

Here’s Tom D with a little gem , gave up on the amount he caught. Tom also had 2 snook in the 30″ range come unbuckled.

1 of many for Tom D that day .

Matt R killing it that day with this mid 20’s snook.

mid 20’s snook.

I myself got out on Christmas eve day and New Years Day.

2 of 7 on the DOA shad tail.

New Years Day Road Trip to Dixie County. The conditions were perfect for some seatrout action .

1 of 25+ from 6″ to 22″

They were hitting the DOA shrimp too.

The action between fronts has really good right now …….