Winter Redfish

Been a little slack with the site but that is life sometimes. We have a new little member of the family Maya she is a part Aussie and Chesapeake rescue. Now on to the latest catches. Mike M back in town for a day in the marsh with some slot redfish and some shorts. Then Ray and Mark wanting to get away from freshwater and give the salt a try and both with a handful of redfish of all sizes. Merry Christmas To All…

Mike M and a nice slot and some shorts.
Ray’s topslot..
Mark with a nice slot..
And one of many shorts for the day.

Here are a few from some personal outings.


With temps in the 90’s it’s the gitter done in the A.M. time of year. Anita giving the kayak fishing gig a shot with a nice slot snook . Then Ron traveling through FL did a brief stay on the Nature Coast with a slot snook and some short redfish. On to Elie wanted to see if he could fly fish from a kayak and that’s what he did with some low slot and short redfish.

Anita with a backcountry snook
Ron and his gem
Second for Elie on the fly..




May and Smiles

Lets add in Pete T on his yearly trip to The Lower Suwannee with a nice daybreak snook on topwater. Then on to Jim S who just retired and wanted to jumpstart a 20yr fishing hiatus. Mike M a diehard topwater fisherman with a nice snook some shorts and a few that missed. The guy up next is another topwater fanatic , Ruben with a pair of mid 30″ snook on topwater in the marsh ..

Daybreak slot snook on topwater
Nice Redfish for Jim
Very nice slot snook for Mike
A nice mid morning skinny water snook on top
Another Thick Snook for Ruben

Tom M new to the area wanting to break the learning curve and that’s what he did.

Nice slot for Tom
This Little dude was his first redfish on artificial

Next up is Adam and Matt from Georgia with a Adam nailing some nice top slot redfish on topwater. Matt caught some nice snook in the 20’s and a sweet Crevalle Jack.

Adam with a gem on top
And another with a big smile

Hit the Lower Suwannee for some Topwater personal time.


Great day in the Yankeetown marsh for Rosi P with a beautiful snook and some redfish.. Well played by this lady kayak angler…

31″ snook
Nice slot redfish

Chris and Keith getting it done on a breezy day in the Yankeetown marsh.

Keith with a slot snook on the fly
Chris with a gem of a redfish
Some long rod snooklets




Feb and March

Some great backcountry fishing lately. Saunders K and Laura Quinn came back down from WI for some more warm sunshine and salty breezes and a nice slot snook. Then Jay new to the salty water and the kayak with a nice slot red and some speckled trout in the bag. Now on to a last minute call from Matt P with a bunch of Nature Coast snook in the 20’s and ended the day with a nice 30″ snook. On to Ray S a kayak angler in from WI with a pair of nice slots for a nice but breezy day in Yankeetown.

Saunders with a slot snook
Jay with a nice backcountry slot red
One of many snook for Matt
Nice low end snook for Ray
Ray with his dinner

Some fish from personal outings


Saunder’s K in visiting the Nature Coast from WI , he mentioned wanting to break the learning curve. With that said it was fish on all day some slot reds and more shorts than we could count. Great day on the Nature Coast.

Nice Slot
One of the many little guys
First fish of the day




Winter Time

Ole man winter has set in on the Nature Coast and it’s been a long while since a good cold like the one over Christmas. Some mention 2016 /17 mine goes back to Christmas 89 big fish kill down through Clearwater.. Now as for dead fish I’ve seen some in Ozello , catfish, snook of all sizes and bait fish. but a big none in Yankeetown… It definitely was a grind first few days after the spell but the fish have rebounded and are hungry.. Jeff and Gage in from CO had a good day in the Ozello backcountry with some slot reds and some spunky shorts.. Now Todd had one of the grind days and he gave it a good shot with some short reds and a nice 24″ snook and snooklets ( Survivors) As always some pics from personal trips.

Nice slot for Jeff
Gage with a healthy backcountry red
Todd with a post front snook..
Top Slot
Slick day in the marsh
Day lighter

With the cooler days and water temps the Nature Coast and Big Bend back country fishing has really heated up. Hit me up for that Back Country Adventure . (352) 442-4311 or